Autism Arts festival

For anyone who’s interested, there’s an autistic arts festival happening in Cantebury on 27-28 April with some impressive autistic performers. Cost is £15 to go to as many performances as you’d like for the weekend and there’s some cheap accomodation in Canterbury. Read more at

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Upcoming Events April – July 2018

It’s been a bit silent over here but now we have some occasions coming up! – Dinner at Zero Degrees and movie on Monday 30th April. On Mondays, they have a deal that the time you order is the price you pay so if you order at 5pm, you pay £5 etc, and all tickets are £3.99 at Vue on Mondays. Zero Degrees can be found here: – Pub visit on Friday 1st June. Dinner at Rose & Thistle followed by a visit to the Nag’s Head – Wolf howling on Friday 22nd June. The UK Wolf Conservation Trust is

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Eat, Pray, Love

One of the questions we’re often asked is: “What do you do when you meet together?” This is often accompanied by “What are the religious affiliations you have?” and “What is your intention?” We realise we have a huge privilege and blessing in being able to journey together with others through life, and we’re keen to remember how much of a blessing it is, and how there is no space for an agenda of our own. So, often when we meet together, we spend time catching up with others, sharing stories of life, taking a moment to see the world

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