The Vision

Our organization works with the four ‘R’s which are as follows.

(R) Restoring dignity:
Through regularly meeting together in a safe and supportive space, where the seeds of friendship can be sown or nurtured, we aim to reduce loneliness and grow social connections.

(R) Repairing relationships:
Through sharing stories about life’s difficulties and everyday challenges, members will provide mutual support effective for building and developing relationships with families and friends outside of the group.

(R) Refreshing society:
Through sharing skills and passions across the network, and connecting people and their passions with opportunities to use these more widely, members are encouraged to flourish in their life circumstances.

We are also in the process of talking to local community groups and churches about ways that those on the autistic spectrum may experience life, whilst remembering that it’s a very broad spectrum and we are all unique.

(R) Re-encountering faith:
Through appropriately and sensitively using stillness, silence, reflection and ‘God talk’, we aim to seek out alternative approaches to God that might be more beneficial for those from an autistic perspective.