Cell Groups

There are currently five groups who form the basis of Journey On, and a number of individuals who join in at other times with rewilding days and residential wilderness retreats. New groups are increasingly opening, and we welcome anyone to join us as we journey on.

One group is multi-faith, and is focused on sharing life together, and making sense of all our experiences.  We comprise individuals who have Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Agnostic, Atheist and Pagan backgrounds.

Two groups are from the Parish of St. Mark and All Saints in Reading, England. We meet together fortnightly to share stories over food, and have a time of prayer and reflection.

One group is based in a residential nursing home. Aged between 30 and 60, members of the group meet daily for prayer and Bible study, encouraging each other to live the best possible life given their changing life circumstances.

One group is an online prayer and Bible study group, and comprises members from Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Somerset and Sweden. Meeting on Sunday evenings via Skype, time together starts with sharing life stories before moving into a time of dedicated prayer for each other and all those involved with the network.