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Andreas is 29 years old. Lives in Uppsala, Sweden and has experience in Media and communications, computers and many other things. He has also studied Theology at the University of Uppsala with a focus on Church history. An avid book and record collector, he produces music under the name ‘Andy Planck’ and has an internship as a handyman within the Swedish Tax Agency.
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Libby H-S ( is a final-year Pioneer student at Church Mission Society in Oxford, where she's learning to start thinking about where mission, ministry and engagement with contemporary society and those on the autistic spectrum. She heads up School Pastors, a team of Christian volunteers who provide additional support for students with special educational needs in Berkshire, England.

Her profile picture is the Cross of St. Brendan - a cross comprised of four dolphins where their tales interlock to create a cross and is used to remember St Brendan and his adventures in the wilderness.