The Vision

As an organisation, we have four objectives:

(R) To restore dignity:
By regularly meeting together in a safe and supportive space, where the seeds of friendship can be sown or nurtured, we aim to reduce loneliness and grow social connections.

(R) To repair relationships:
Through sharing stories about life’s difficulties and everyday challenges, members provide each other with the support needed to build new relationships, and to develop existing relationships with families and friends outside of the group. We’re excited that our first Journey On wedding is happening in July 2020!

(R) To refresh society:
By sharing skills and passions across the network, and by connecting people and their passions with opportunities to use these more widely, members are encouraged to flourish in their life circumstances.

We also visit churches and community groups to share our experience of living with the challenges that autism presents, in order to better help other groups support their own members who face similar challenges. (We’re happy to visit new groups too. If you’d like to know more about this aspect of our work, please contact

(R) To re-encounter faith:
By using stillness, silence, reflection and ‘God talk’ sensitively and where appropriate, we aim to explore and share alternative ways to encounter God that might work better for those on the autistic spectrum whilst remembering that “if you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person”.