Our retreats always happen in October and currently cost £100 for a shared room and £150 for a single room. Our next retreat will be to Llandeilo in the west of the Brecon Beacons and we’ll be staying in a National Trust farmhouse.

The Llandeilo area, is a wild place. The town was first settled by the Romans. Two castles stand nearby – Cerreg Cennen and Dinefwr. Cerreg Cennen withstood Owain Glyndwr’s attack in 1403 before being ruined in the War of the Roses.

Newton House (in the Dinefwr estate) was built in the 1660s and played a role in the Rebecca Riots. An empty grave was built for its occupant in 1843 as a death threat and people died in quick succession in the 20th Century. There are many old barrows and Druidic burial mounds nearby.

St Teilo, after which Llandeilo was named, established a Christian centre here in the 6th Century – one of the oldest in the country, and its Bible is the Lichfield Gospels – one of the most notable Bibles in the UK.

It is this place that God has chosen for us to retreat to this year. It’s exciting to think about how much God might do with us, and through us, this weekend. 

Contact Libby for more information about the weekend or to book. There’s one place remaining for this year’s retreat.