Eat, Pray, Love

One of the questions we’re often asked is: “What do you do when you meet together?” This is often accompanied by “What are the religious affiliations you have?” and “What is your intention?” We realise we have a huge privilege and blessing in being able to journey together with others through life, and we’re keen to remember how much of a blessing it is, and how there is no space for an agenda of our own.

So, often when we meet together, we spend time catching up with others, sharing stories of life, taking a moment to see the world in its beauty again, and experiencing life together. The saying is true “a problem shared is a problem halved”, and often, by meeting together, we get a different perspective on the thing that’s been troubling us, and we realise that life might, after all, be simpler than we fear it to be.

We keep our time together simple. We share stories, experience the beautiful wilder places together, talk together, and then spend some time in gratitude and thankfulness to the world and to our Great Spirit who helped form it. This expression of thankfulness takes a variety of forms, but usually is centred around silence and stillness.

It’s really important to take time out together fairly regularly. Time alone tends to escalate into fear, anxiety, anger, grief, despair, despondence, loneliness and a loss in the value we give ourselves. Time together tends to lead into restoration, hope, faith, love, grounding, solidarity, joy, peace. It can be challenging to spend time together when you’re used to being alone, so we go gently with each other. We give each other space and time. We take our cues from each other. We always look at each with gentleness and respect (or at least we try to!).

Time together can take so many forms, but we find it helps to retreat from the busy-ness and challenges of our own lives through going away together – going away to the local pub, going away to the woods, going away to a friend’s house, going away online. We share and reshare stories together. We laugh together. We experience life together. We feast and celebrate together. We strengthen each other together. We experience gratitude together. We love ourselves, each other and our world together.

What is it that we do when we get together? Often, it revolves around eating, praying and loving. A simple formula perhaps, but one that tends to work well, and we invite you to share in it with us.

About Libby H-S

Libby H-S ( is a final-year Pioneer student at Church Mission Society in Oxford, where she's learning to start thinking about where mission, ministry and engagement with contemporary society and those on the autistic spectrum. She heads up School Pastors, a team of Christian volunteers who provide additional support for students with special educational needs in Berkshire, England.

Her profile picture is the Cross of St. Brendan - a cross comprised of four dolphins where their tales interlock to create a cross and is used to remember St Brendan and his adventures in the wilderness.

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